Hartley Bay Generators

  • Date: 2004/2005
  • Location: Hartley Bay, BC
  • Value: $1,600,000
  • Category:Diesel Generator Replacement, Field Service
  • Owner: Hartley Bay Band Council

Project Scope

Involved supply and installation of a 100,000-pound, skid-mounted, enclosed generating station. The station contained 3 generators (2 – 45kW units and 1 – 23 kW unit) supplied by Cummins Western Canada. The generating station had to be assembled and shop-tested, and then moved from the manufacturer’s shop in Surrey, BC as one unit measuring 18 feet wide and 42 feet long to the remote village location whose only access is via boat, seaplane or barge. The new skid mounted generator was delivered to site via barge and moved into place on its concrete foundation. Work also included the site prep, excavation and installation of a concrete foundation for the skid mount generator and the installation of an above-ground diesel storage tank. The existing generating station was disconnected and the new unit tied back into the existing power grid with minimal disruption.